Cryptonote mining on Google Cloud Preemptive VMs

I tested out and did a few calculations of how profitable it would be to mine Monero with minergate and Google clouds preemptive VMs.

Monero uses the Cryptonote hashing algorithm that still doesn't have a good ASIC designed for it so its still a viable way of making some spare money if you have any spare hardware lying around.

For these tests i created a preemptive VM with the lowest possible memory setting, 24 cores (the most i could get) based on ubuntu 17 with this startup script

minergate-cli -user [email protected] -fcn+xmr  
sudo dpkg -i deb-cli  
minergate-cli -user [email protected] -fcn+xmr  

pricing of 24 cpus of preemptible vm in us-west
$137.61 per month

hashrate 600H/s
using the minergate calculator you get:

per day:

0.00036 worth of btc from mining xmr + fcn .00001 btc worth of fcn with merged mining

so with the price of bitcoin currently at ~4600
0.00037 * 4600 * 30 = $51 per month

So its roughly halfing the amount of money you own at $51/$137 = 0.37226277372 of losses.

Free credit?

Googles free $300 of credit could be converted into $300 * 0.37226277372 = $111.60 of Monero.

Google probably would let ~1000 or so of these preemptive VMs go under the radar so its very plausable hackers could easily extract 111k of funds by automatically creating fake accounts:

It only takes a few minutes to create an account and spin up a few of these VM's so hackers wouldn't even have to automate this, they could do it by hand in a few days.

To be clear on the legality of this, its against Googles terms and will almost certainly get you banned:

googles terms: "Some actions are prohibited during the free trial. For example, during your free trial you may not use Google Cloud Platform services to engage in mining cryptocurrency."

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