NiceHash Hacked! 62M in bitcoins gone!

Looks like the end of NiceHash with all costomer funds gone they are closing operations for 24 hours

The company released a press release on reddit claiming all customer funds are missing

Reddit speculators are theorising that it may have been an inside job.

"The owner of the company with a share capital of half a million euros is Bitorious (45%) based in Dornberk, its director is Marko Kobal, and 55% of the company is owned by H-Bit. The owner of H-Bit is Martin Škorjanc. An interesting fact is that Martin Škorjanc is the father of Matjaž Škorjanc, who was arrested by Slovenian police a year ago for online cyber crime with the help of the US FBI in Maribor." More at: -

We have trialed NiceHash but found it to be too complicated to use in the sense that you need to rent out mining equipment and find a mining pool to point it at all while taking into account the complexities of the crypto markets and our live forecasts of where altcoins are going.

We stored no funds in NiceHash when it was hacked and all customers referral earnings are safely stored in a combination of companies and exchanges including coinbase, poloniex, BitMex and wallet.

NiceHash has not comited to paying anyone anything as of yet or said what will happen to their business going forward.

We currently recommend our customers to avoid any company that does not have a clear security policy for how it stores client funds. Security through obscurity isn't acceptable where money is on the line and it may be their way of avoiding stating they are insecure.

We rate BitMex as among the most secure exchanges for thier full cold wallet approach and Bitfinex as among the worst for their track history of making customers pay for their security mistakes.

We have had no sign of any automated algorithms or unusual password attempts, CoinHash has not been clear if they stored passwords in plaintext or not, Bitbank doesnt store plaintext passwords and stores them in an encrypted SCRYPT format so attackers can't reuse these across sites if we where ever compromised.

We are committed to paying or our affiliates in the event any hack regardless of severity using our bitcoin stored in various wallets and are confident we won't be hacked or require a cease of operations if so, we can still provide value in terms of forecasts to our customers.

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