Comparing Cryptocurrency Trading Companies

Soon to be announced, no product quite yet, ICO where the coins will pay for time/features on the platform.

forecasts are longer term than ours which means more inaccuracy, slowly updating and in my experience watching their forecasts, inaccurate.

We all make mistakes, I managed to call this one out to one of our customers considering the switch, they where predicting a large crash last year after some wavering which turned out to be highly wrong as bitcoin bounded back and soared to 20k.

They are trying to predict volatility which we currently don't do but in this case their volatility forecast displayed was also well under what actually happened in that time.

As with the unpredictabliity of our longterm lives the markets can change a lot over time and forecasting 7 days ahead is simply hard.

I do like their graphs UI and needs to take some things from the nice hover functionality.

I am a bit suspicous of graphs that show that a drop should mean things continue to drop, given our machine learning based on past data our graphs show the opposite and tell our users to buy dips and sell when things go up to fast.


Cryptotrader is a marketplace where you run fully automated trading strategies, its more expensive in that you pay for access to the platform (have to pay more if you have more equity to trade) and then pay for access to individual trading strategies, lots of work to find the right strategies but can turn out well if managed well.


Looks interesting and similar to, token sale is happening where you can spend the tokens to buy a premium account for API access and more trading strategies

fairly comprehensive Cryptotrader review


"Uber for fund management" A market place where people can organize indexes/sets of crypto currencies called DAA's (Digital Asset Arrays) that people can buy and sell all at once to hedge against the risk in the cryptocurrency markets, you can choose to buy the iconomi default index.

The strategy of de-risking by buying multiple coins is interesting but i'm not sure how effective it is in the crypto space yet, youll notice all the different sets of DAA's perform similarly because they are all correlated with the overall crypto market cap, perhaps it can help with FUD and FOMO when your bullish on cryptos as a whole but not a certain technology like bitcoin.

It can pay off to do your own customized hedging e.g. if your in the know that smart contracts and ICO's will be all the rage in 2018 then perhaps you'd invest in ETH, NEO and maybe others like QTUM, EOS, LISK, WAVES, STRATIS and RChain to hedge against any slipups in the main two.

open source!

Krypto trading bot

Krypto trading bot is specifically designed for market making, the UI is super complicated with lots of options specific to the market maker.
Seems to be using entirely fake data in test mode, i couldn't get it working with any of their exchanges by editing their file, The project has parts written in C++ which scared me off a bit


Allows for easy plugging in of your own strategies.

The UI i find a bit lacking/terse, i didn't thoroughly test but i ran a "paper" test run (not real trading) with their built in MACD strategy.

Gekko lets you run your buy/sell deciding function up to every minute and take into account previous candles of 1 minute (high/low/volume data for each candle)

So its slightly slower than BitBanks 10-20 seconds but a candle is more detailed than what we provide in that we only give the current best buy/sell (and associated features we computed) as a snapshot, our features are normally computed on the trades e.g. best fit slopes, percent distance between weighted average of trades and current orderbook midpoint ect. where with gekko the candle is based on the orderbook and not the trades.

Heres the results of the fake test where the bot has made 1.2% profit by making a single sell
gekko trading bot

There are pluggable Strategies for gekko as well as ones that work with forecasts. Checkout the gekko strategy

Honourable mention/shameless plug: focuses on the prediction aspect of trading with live forecasts and stats across crypto markets that you can trade on.

We have an API for our forecasts and we have plugged our predictions into some open source Trading Bots on our Github e.g. BitMex market maker bot

We also have a referral program where you can earn .003 BTC per paying user referred.

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