Marketing a Crypto Company is a crypto live forecasting tool, we provide market forecasts and live bitcoin/altcoin charts to pro traders across 70+ markets.

Paid ads:

facebook/google/twitter/linkedin ads: seems FAR too expensive right now, no conversions from these sources yet.

Tried bitcoin specific providers: bitmedia, aads, coinhits no purchases from these sources yet so hard to tell if they are legitamate or not, seem to be much cheaper yet convert at a much lower rate (100% lower in our case) than users from other sites so perhaps the traffic is either fraudulent or targeting the wrong segments of people, ill update on this.

Social Media:

commenting, Quora, Reddit, producthunt style sites. Tried posting in linkedin/facebook/google plus groups, traffic ends up being 80% HackerNews 20% everything else.

We ran a promotion trying to reach out to important names in the crypto space promising that their referral bonus would go to charity if they retweeted and offering them lifetime access, none responded, perhaps they either want money themselves, get too much attention on twitter or we came across as spammy, need a better way to reach the influencers, haven't veered into paid tweets and birds (a bitcoin paid tweets service) from is very broken and doesn't currently work.

Tried posting on a few forums like cryptobuzz, cryptotalk, bitcointalk, steemit, yet to see much traffic from there.

Referral Program

Users can earn .003 BTC (~37 USD at the current 12k per bitcoin price, ~10% of a purchase) it has been surprisingly not been used yet and we receive only around 1% of our signups through our referral program. It strangely seems to give a bit of instant distrust or comes across as spammy when you tell people they can actually make money.


We tried a launch on CryptoCoinNews a paid en-devour that cost as much as it made and also contacting other traditional press e.g. techcrunch, wired ect... also bitcoin specific ones like 99bitcoins, all non paid press did not respond to us D: either via their main contact link or by emailing their contacts by using linkedin to find reporters and reaching out to them directly

Content Marketing

We tried writing blog posts like this which has seen the best results, each article seems to bring around 100 clicks if posted on Reddit and hackernews, worth around $50 to us right now at our current conversion rate, not life changing but hoping to make a steady gain this way and build an audience over time.


We still need to try youtube, more link building/seo and dare i say it email marketing, others offered some kind of widget websites could embed e.g. a price ticker/forecaster in the hope of getting backlinks for SEO purposes.

Ill keep you posted!

Good luck with marketing your crypto companies!

Please post about your company, what worked for you and if you'd like to team up on anything! The power in the crypto space comes from the community!

@LeeLeePenkman founder